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“Join the creativity,

by creating your story”

Christine loves to create a special experience for clients by creating unique one-off Art + Design pieces for

individuals, couples and families.


Christine enjoys engaging with people to create and capture their unique story. Christine and her team will engage with you, learn your story and then create a special Art + Design piece that

captures elements of your story seen through Christine’s eyes.


Connect with Christine and her team today to get started on creating an Art + Design

piece that will take pride of place

wherever you place it.

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“Transform a space

and give it a unique story”

Christine specialises in producing professional interior and exterior design pieces that will give any location a unique story utilising design elements that are aesthetically pleasing to all.


Christine and her team work closely with industry professionals that can produce Christine’s Art + Design works on a number of industry standard materials

that can be installed and fitted to

almost any location.


Connect with Christine and her team today to begin the journey of transforming

your space.

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“I enjoy creating with others,

it helps build a better tomorrow”

A passion of Christine and her team is to bring to life the community connection values that have been instilled in her journey from the beginning. Christine loves to work alongside others to help them to create special designs, artworks and products that both parties can have and pride in.


Christine and her team believe that collaborating with companies and businesses is a great way to begin to create a shared story, and the beginning of designing a future that is bright for all.


Not only does this showcase Indigenous Art + Design, but also harbours Indigenous engagement and representation in a truthful and meaningful way.


Connect with Christine and her team today to begin to create your shared story.

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