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“share with your friends, or simply spoil yourself,

while contributing to looking after our special place”


I am passionate about my homelands, I am a Saltwater Goorie. I have created this online store as a way for me to give back to maintaining my saltwater way of life.


Everyday as I walk and paddle throughout my homelands I see the environmental challenges that our marine and coastal environments face. My team and I have decided that we need to help maintain our way of life so that the generations coming after us can enjoy and connect to it as much as we do.


A range of unique and speciality items are for sale through the online store. Proceeds from items sold through this store go directly back into the maintenance of our marine and coastal environment. Online sales will help fund activities such as coastal clean ups, marine mammal monitoring, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, and cultural education programs.


Furthermore, this store serves an outlet to the community enabling them to engage in the saltwater journey. 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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