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"Art is my connection and my

connection is my art"



"Being from a coastal group of Aboriginal

people we have a strong affiliation with

the sea and all of its richness and resources.

A lot of my designs are inspired by the coastal

lifestyle that we are connected to"


Artist + Graphic Designer

As the Tweed River and the Pacific Ocean surround her small coastal town of Fingal Head, NSW Christine and her family live

a beautiful and authentic saltwater lifestyle. 

Christine's inspiration comes from her strong connection to her

local environment and community. A strong connection to the environment brings cultural stories, cultural practices and

saltwater to life.

Christine has always held a passion for art and design which led

her to study Art and Graphic Design after raising a family.

Her career has seen her collaborate with many Australian

Businesses, Sporting Teams, Government Agencies and many

Community Projects. click here to view 'Gallery'

Christine uses her artistic abilities to connect to the world around her. Christine loves to capture the stories, scenes

and places within her world and share them with others.

Christine’s Art + Design concepts share her life's movements through space and time. Whether it is the patterns left by a stingray after a high tide or the markings of an insect left behind in the bark of a tree. Through  Art + Design Christine is able to capture the beauty and lessons of the world around us.


Much of Christine's Art + Design works focus heavily on the saltwater way of life handed down through generations of life,

a life that Christine continues and lives today.


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